About Doug

For many years I was an IT Professional, and a wood hobbyist. I have always loved working with my hands and tools of all sorts to make and fix things. I enjoyed making things out of wood including book cases, coffee tables, picture frames, chairs, etc. My software designer job required creativity, but I was looking for a different creative outlet.

I have been turning for about 10 years, but most of my mentors have been turning for decades. I have grown my skills and knowledge substantially. I have several juried awards to my credit so far, including a ‘Best in Show’ at the 2012 Arts Clayton Juried Art Show. For more information click the Awards button on the left of your page. I have also had my work in the Mountain Mist Gallery in Cashiers NC and the 2 Rules Gallery in Marietta GA.  DSC_0647_2

Like many things in life, woodturning is easy to get started, but takes a lifetime to master. one of the reasons I love woodturning is the infinite variety of pieces that are possible, and the challenge of maximizing the artistic potential of a given piece of wood or log. As you can see in the Gallery, I am now exploring color and complimentary materials (glass, metal, minerals, etc.) in my art which will greatly expand the breadth of my work.

When I am not working or in the shop I love to travel, swim, fish, and especially spend time with my family, when we are all in the same place. I would love to buy a sail boat and learn to sail, but before taking off I would have to find a place for the lathe.